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Welcome to, the only place you'll need to see the latest feature films from the box office, and the best TV shows, 100% free! We've been around since 2007, and although this site is very different to its humble beginnings, we still strive to do the same thing we always have. What we've ended up with is an amazing search engine that lets you watch movies online.

Our unique search engine crawls the vast internet to bring you *any* film or tv show episode you're looking for completely free. Our site automatically searches Youtube movies, Putlocker, Vidbull, YouWatch, Vidto, Vodlocker, Sockshare, Novamov, pre-streamed Torrents, Usenet Newsgroups and over 450 other sources to let you watch whatever you're looking for. Not only that, it will pick you the fastest servers based on your location and device.

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The thing that seperates NZBPlayer from every other streaming site out there, is that it's guaranteed to work every time. You have the reliability of Netflix, with a vastly wider selection, and more importantly, you don't have to pay a dime!